ekomex: Survey Design


This interactive five-day online course teaches you the entire process of designing a survey:  sources of survey errors, sampling, survey modes, nonresponse bias, questionnaire design, concepts and survey question development and evaluation, data collection, and it also discusses cross-country comparative extensions, survey research ethics, and transparency needs.

What This Course is About?
This interactive five-day online course gives an overview of the entire survey process. It begins by covering sources of survey errors and associated tradeoffs, sampling, survey modes, nonresponse bias. The course then discusses questionnaire design, concepts and the effective development and evaluation of survey questions to measure them, the actual data collection process, their cross-country comparative extensions, as well as survey research ethics and transparency needs. Instead of lectures, the pre-recorded course materials will mostly consist of conversations with the world’s leading experts on these topics that we, at our Zoom meetings, will also discuss along with the readings. Hands-on components of the course will allow participants to plan for the development and evaluation of their own survey research projects.

Learning Goals
After this course you will

  • Be able to effectively develop survey data collection projects
  • Understand what goes into the entire survey process
  • Be able to critically assess survey data collection projects holistically

Who is Your Instructor?
Levente Littvay is a Research Professor at the Center for Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Science, an Academic Coordinator at MethodsNET and Research Affiliate at Central European University’s Democracy Institute. He has taught workshops in over a dozen research design and quantitative methods subjects. He is a Questionnaire Design Team Member for the Democracy and COVID19 teams in Round 10 (2020-2021) of the European Social Survey, Country Collaborator for Hungary and Tunisia at the Comparative Study of Election Systems, active participant in the development of the European Election Study since 2009, co-director of the Hungarian Twin Registry,  and work package leader responsible for survey design and analysis at CUPESSE.
Personal Website: http://levente.littvay.hu
Twitter: @littvay

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Date Details 
This intensive 1-week course over 5 days entails 4h of online teaching activities per day plus online office hour, including a mixture of asynchronous and synchronous elements and small-group work. Moreover, students should plan for sufficient time to do the assigned daily homework and read the assigned literature in advance.
The course does not require specific knowledge.