Requirement for admission to the individual courses and the complete Master study programme is a first qualifying university degree in a life science discipline, e.g. biology, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, toxicology etc.:

  • BSc in one of the mentioned disciplines with minimum of 240 ECTS credit points, and additionally a minimum of five years of working experience, 
  • MSc with 120 credit points in one of the mentioned disciplines, and a minimum of one year of working experience, or
  • Diploma (Diplom) oder civil service examination (Staatsexamen) in one of the mentioned disciplines, and a minimum of one year of working experience.

How to Apply

You can start your Master programme in Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines can be entered any time:

  • Courses do not need to be taken in a particular order. The individual courses are run in a biannual rhythm, with approximately ten courses of the programme per year. Please check the course calendar for attending the upcoming MSc. courses.
  • You can then apply directly via the registration portal and sign up for single or multiple courses. All registration steps will be handled online.
  • Once you have decided to enroll for the complete Master programme, please contact the study coordinator. Together you will check your qualifications and analyse your training needs to identify your optimal course portfolio.
  • In case we receive more applications than places are available in the Master programme, applicants will be chosen based on their last study degree, practical experiences and success in already completed courses of the Master programme.
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