The Modular Curriculum

The post-graduate Master study programme in Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines consists of five individual modules:

  • Module 1 Drug Discovery and Development encompasses two courses that are designed as introduction to drug discovery and drug development as well as to safety aspects of novel therapeutics and stem cell technologies.
  • Module 2 Pharmaceutical Aspects of Drug Safety covers three courses on pharmaceutical and regulatory aspects of safety sciences for medicines.
  • Module 3 Adverse Drug Reactions/Predictive Toxicology consists of six courses on toxicological issues on the biochemical and molecular level as well as on the organic level.
  • Module 4 Non-Clinical Assessment and Module 5 Clinical Assessment encompass six and three courses, respectively, and focus on translational aspects of pre-clinical and clinical safety data.
  • The final masters's module covers the master's examination in form of a written master's thesis on a recent safety problem in industry or other research, based on case-studies and literature review.
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