Qualifications and Competences

The Master studies in Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines will provide you with professional competences for your job based on practical needs during all phases of drug research and development. The focus of the MSc programme focuses on translational integration of safety data from all phases of drug development, including toxicology and preclinical as well as clinical phase safety assessments. Other courses cover pharmaceutical and regulatory aspects. In all courses you will intensively work on real life case studies provided and reviewed by speakers from company partners.

Safety scientists will be able to perform a holistic and critical evaluation of the safety of drug candidates and new medicines by evaluating and integrating in vitro safety data as well as animal and patient safety data more effectively. Regulatory scientists will become better equipped to judge the safety data and profiles of new and existing medicines. Scientists from academia get a chance to acquire unique industrial know-how and an integrated understanding of safety aspects and its impact on drug discovery, development and use.

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