Target Group - From Job Starters to Experienced Employees

Participants of the study programme are normally life science, medical or veterinary graduates either currently already working in a safety science environment or seeking to acquire compentences on safety science for such a position at a specific point in their future career. Our course participants usually are

  • employees in the pharmaceutical companies or university institutes or
  • personnel of regulatory authorities and health organisations

with a position in safety-related fields of work during the development of medicines who want to broaden their understanding of translational aspects in safety assessments and prove this with an additional academic degree. This is in particular the case for

  • job starters and young professionals aiming to get an comprehensive overview and increase their competences in safety sciences for medicines at an early moment of their career, as well as
  • employees wishing to realign and further develop their professional competences in the field of safety sciences for medicines.

Of course, participating in modules and courses of the Master programme is also possible for interested candidates from other continuing education programmes in biomedicine or from other post-graduate (e.g. PhD) study programmes. Study achievements are transferable according to the ECTS principles.

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