How to Study

All interested participants of a main course can sign up for the preparatory R introduction course, which is held online over a course of 2 days (4h/day). This includes lecture-style sessions based on prepared scripts, independent exercises, discussion of solutions, and small-group tutoring sessions.

The in-person komex courses take place over a course of five days from 09.00-14.30h every day (4h/day). This includes a mixture of lecture-style sessions, applied lab/training sessions, as well as office hours/independent work sessions.

The online ekomex courses extend over 5 days at 4h per day (20h in total). A typical course structure would be: 90’ asynchronous materials, 90’ synchronous lab, 60’ independent small group learning/office hour, with a mix of asynchronous and synchronous activities and diverse learning. Please check the course site for the specific timetable of the online course you are interested in (indicative, changes are still possible).

Teaching Language

All courses are taught in English.

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