How to Study

All interested participants of a main course can sign up for the preparatory R introduction course, which is held online over a course of 2 days (4h/day). This includes lecture-style sessions based on prepared scripts, independent exercises, discussion of solutions, and small-group tutoring sessions.

The in-person main courses take place over a course of five days from 09.00-14.30h every day (4h/day). This includes a mixture of lecture-style sessions, applied lab/training sessions, as well as office hours/independent work sessions.

The online virtual main course takes place over the course of five days (4h/ day). The mornings are dedicated to independent study using prerecorded materials, quizzes, and other pedagogical resources. This is followed by an office hour / independent work session (13.30-14.30h) and a 90’ live online session (lab, group work, Q&A) in the afternoon (15.30-17.00h).

Teaching Language

All courses are taught in English.

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