Our Concept

The Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (komex) are organized by the University of Konstanz in collaboration with the Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNET) and hosted by the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz.

An Outstanding Combination

The Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (komex) combine cutting-edge, inclusive, and affordable methodological training in both qualitative and quantitative research design and techniques, together with feedback and discussion of the methodological aspects of your own research project and those of other participants.  Participation in a workshop will provide you with guidance for how to design your research and/or how to use a method in practice in relation to your research question.  The courses are aimed at Ph.D. scholars and junior researchers (post-doc or above). Class sizes are kept small (maximum 20 participants) in the workshops. In collaboration with MethodsNET, komex draws on local expertise to provide world-class PhD-level methods training at affordable prices. It operates according to the following principles:

  • Excellence and innovation
    Training is provided by outstanding methods experts according to the latest pedagogical standards. We encourage the development of emerging methods and the consolidation of more established methods. Our courses are also systematically evaluated and continuously improved.
  • Inclusiveness
    We strive to provide access to participants from locations/institutions with less financial resources. Our non-profit business model is to just break even after all costs have been covered.
  • Methodological pluralism
    Our events embody the principles of methodological pluralism and innovation, via what we intend to develop into a broad course offer, along with diverse opportunities to learn/think about critical epistemological issues. We encourage and foster debates and cross-fertilizations between different methodologies across social scientific disciplines in our program.

Learning Infrastructure

  • ekomex courses are taught fully online.
  • All komex courses are taught in Konstanz. There you will find the particular creative.together learning environment and the University of Konstanz spirit.
  • Course materials are provided in Moodle.
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