Course in Psychotraumatology: Curriculum Narrative Exposure Therapy 2018

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Through all groups of patients in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic institutions we find increased rates of traumatic stress experience in the patients’ case history. Therefore, specific wards for treatment of post traumatic stress disorders are currently set up in mental hospitals in order to improve psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care.

Treatment guidelines support and professionals agree upon using exposure methods to treat traumatic stress disorders such as PTSD, depression, dissociation. Furthermore, including trauma therapeutic elements in other initial diagnoses may lead to significantly improved efficacy of therapy.

The specific psychotherapeutic treatment of trauma is usually carried out in the ward by doctors and psychologists. However, subsequent to the trauma-related sessions, it is often the nurses, occupational therapists, social workers or sports therapists who are the first to come into contact with the trauma patients. Their knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts and the special needs of trauma patients, especially just before and after the therapy sessions, contribute significantly to the success of trauma therapies.

Such knowledge and skills are also very helpful in institutions designed for asylum seekers / fugitives.

This three-day course is designed to help doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists as well as employees of psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial institutions who get into psychotherapeutic contact with patients with a history of traumatic events. We offer a combination of lectures, tutorials in small supervised groups, and self-awareness units to present important concepts of trauma therapy as well as the core of efficient treatment procedures. Taking into consideration that proper mental hygiene and the awareness of one’s own strains and limits define the foundation of effective therapy, the course will also offer the possibility of self-awareness experiences. The aim is to prepare the participants for their important (accompanying) task within trauma therapy and interaction with the patients.

Please note that the single units are build upon one another and thus require continuous attendance during these three days. Please additionally note that the course is taught both in German and in Englisch.


  • Traumatic stress experiences
  • Trauma & memory – scientific fundamentals of effective trauma therapeutic treatments
  • How do survivors of trauma react – symptoms and interpersonal challenges
  • Presentation of the essential elements of effective trauma treatments
  • Care for patients subsequent to trauma therapeutic sessions
  • Self-care


Psychiatrists, psychotherapists, medical doctors / Qualified nurses and other therapeutic specialists in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic institutions who look after trauma patients / Voluntary workers in institutions for asylum seekers and fugitives
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27.09.2018 09:30 to 17:00
28.09.2018 09:30 to 17:00
29.09.2018 09:30 to 17:00
3 days of study